Too early to tell if it has reduced my overall scoring — but am sure it will in time, so now looking for another one as a back-up! I bought this club from golfbidder last year and I added a massive 25 yards to every drive immediately after buying it. It feels good at impact and looks great. If you never use a driver because you slice, try this! Bought this for my teenage son. Graphite shafts are more expensive and you’ll see this reflected in the RRP displayed. Originally Posted by TakeDeadAim Neither the , the nor the have been enough of a difference to take my K out of the bag

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Several functions may not work. Wish my Goodwill had those!

Titleist j-vs Degree Driver Stiff Flex Graphite | eBay

By extremeldOctober 13, in Instruction and Playing Tips. What type of results would I be looking at with either a 7. Wish I still had it.

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Titleist 975 J-VS Driver

I tried a friend’s Taylor Burner and 957j head was just to big, it didn’t fit my eye. If you can elaborate on what you’re looking for, i.


Sign In Haven’t registered for Team Titleist yet? Titleisy an exotic shaft into the D is not going to expand the sweetspot. Back to Equipment Opinions. I love these s and am very happy with the purchase. In my experience, it seems that the d is probably neutral or maybe a touch of a fade bias.

Titleist J-VS Driver

It seems to be fairly forgiving for a head of this size. In conclusion, I am sold on titleist drivers and recommend them to anyone who is stuck on a particluar club as I was.

You currently have titleizt disabled. You could probably get either real cheap. Is it to say that golfers from the years when only musclebacks and wound balls were va were less good than us, and having less fun? I loved mine, may have been the longest driver I ever had to be honest. I have a E, agree with previous posters that it’s not going anywhere. I’m driving the ball at least another 40 yards It might have been another thread on here.

You will find the common theme on the team Titleist sight is to get properly fit for your clubs. I’d have to disagree with some of the previous posters and say keep your D But for me, lower scores and winning are the only meaningful parameters. Can’t beat that driver.


My game completely falls apart without constant maintenance. Or, I guess, you can be like Letsteeitup, who appears committed to some kind of strange form of titleish masochism. The popup will be closed in 10 seconds But scoring well day after day with them, that simply won’t happen.

Please login to post a comment. That is my opinion and that’s basically what this excellent forum is about, when I ask for advice here, I treasure each response and the effort put into them.

That being said, 957j do believe the newer breed of drivers offer several things the D does not. They are both way better than the D.

If we listened to everything manufacturers say, we’d be replacing our equipments every time something new hits the market, and not only that, but our drives totleist be measured in miles, not in yards.