But there’s no getting around the fact that it’s an expensive camera, and a longer lens comes with certain trade-offs. Other operating modes appear fairly typical, but we couldn’t get the camera to “sleep” when connected to our test-station power supply, so couldn’t report on power use in that mode. The “sepia” option recreates the look of old-time photos, which were often rendered in shades of brown, as a result of treating the prints in a sepia toning solution. Jul 22, video. Inside the box for the camera, you’ll find: Given its 2 megapixel resolution level, a cycle time of only seconds is very good, better than most competing units that we’ve tested thus far August, I found the LCD display to be very grainy, not to mention jerky in record mode.

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Of course, as with all digital cameras, the number of images stored on each card may vary depending on kodak dc280 complexity of the image being captured. Kodak dc280 lens retracts when the camera is turned off and extends when turned on.

According to the manual, the ISO sensitivity is 70, which could explain this. Selecting close-up mode automatically zooms the lens to the telephoto end kodak dc280 its range, and adjusts the focusing to handle closer objects.

If kodsk continue kodak dc280 as rapidly as possible, the camera will require more like 20 seconds between shots after the first three are taken. While in Capture mode, available menu options include kodao compensation, borders for images, special effect settings, quality and resolution settings, date and time stamp, and kodaak balance and kodak dc280 mode settings.

The user interface on the DC is a bit strange, and in Review mode, it takes some getting kodak dc280 to. Carefree hard to describeClassic gray picture frameformal silver picture framefun painted hands, love heartsnew baby rubber ducks, hearts, etcparty balloonswedding see left.


Kodak DC280

Explore the images on the pictures pageto see how kodak dc280 the DC performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you kodak dc280 be considering buying.

With a few “quirks”, and some great ergonomic touches.

The Center-Weighted mode will be most useful for shooting portraits shots, kodak dc280 for dealing with backlit subjects. Thankfully, if you’re in capture mode where the lens is extendedand you switch to another mode, the lens stays out, unlike some other cameras we’ve tested. Everything you need is in the box Fast startup kodak dc280 and review mode Kodak dc280 to set defaults for flash, exposure compensation, etc.

The dc2280 molded plastic body measures 5.

This is mildly annoying if you tend to use the LCD a lot, but does much to conserve battery life. Ricoh’s Theta Plug-in store is now live. Overall, the DC had slightly lower kodak dc280 consumption in non-LCD and image-playback modes than other cameras kodak dc280 checked recently, but higher kodak dc280 when the LCD was operating, or when the camera was readied for a shot by half-pressing the shutter button.

Best stores 90 images on a 20MB card, Better stores images, and Good stores images. Jul 19, camera news. The patent describes a system that uses correction software and a movable built-in camera lens to mitigate misalignment and improve image quality when shooting with accessory lenses. It takes a while for kodak dc280 camera to save these to the CF card, for some reason.

Kodak DC280 Review

Leica Kodak dc280 Typ sample gallery. We were surprised though, that this option doesn’t appear to decrease the absolute low-light limit of the camera at all: These were taken in the exact same df280, within minutes of each other. Apparently, the DC has some internal memory buffering that permits it to cycle more rapidly for the first few shots. I hate having to turn off the flash kodak dc280 time I want to take a shot after dark!


kodak dc280 On the positive side though, the DC’s viewfinder jodak fairly insensitive to lateral eye position, providing an accurate view regardless of the position of your eyeball. When capturing images indoors, two white balance options are available: The bad news is that the lens cap doesn’t like to stay on. We couldn’t find the price for this product. It’s widely assumed Canon plans kodak dc280 do the same.

Kodak DC Review: Digital Photography Review

The software is bundled on two Installer CDs: Other DC features include: The Kodak dc280 option examines the entire image area to determine the best exposure for the overall picture, while a Center-Weighted setting bases its exposure primarily on the central portion of the frame. And let me tell you, it’s spring-loaded. On the right is the shutter release, flash mode button, and zoom rocker switch.

It loads a low-res version of the kodak dc280 first, and then draws a high res version over it a few seconds later.