With the clockspeeds taking a cut compared to the previous processor, and a lower overall TDP to boot, you might be forgiven for thinking the overclocking prowess of this Piledriver CPU may have been compromised. We’ve even managed to push the FX over 5GHz and had it stably posting benchmark scores. The question therefore is, what kind of application you plan on using your CPU for. By the way, the Intel processor around that time that hit the sweet spot was the iK. The big bucks you save on this processor can be better spent on other peripherals and hardware.

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That said you don’t really need to have an overclocking mobo to push the Core i5 up over 4.

AMD FX-6300 Review

However, because of its unlocked nature, you can easily overcome the limitations by multiplying the clock speeds and squeezing out that extra performance from it. The big bucks you save 6300 this processor can be better spent on other peripherals amd fx 6300 hardware. Its sole reason for gaining entry into our list is due to its overclocking abilities. However, if you play a lot of MMO, there will be a significant drop in performance because amd fx 6300 poor single core performance.

However, as Intel made significant leaps the FX has been relegated to fight with core i3 processors. Not all games work great with this amd fx 6300 and especially any that involve heavy single core dependency.


Are you a human?

The answer is a amd fx 6300 bag. But that’s quite a way off, and so we have to be content with this current heavy plant update. On stock settings, the FX comes well below the Core i however, ramp up the clock speeds and you immediately see a significant rise in scores.

At amd fx 6300 then it’s a little more efficient than its progenitor. For our purpose, we compare the performance of the Amd fx 6300 with the FX and the Core cx since they are the closest priced CPUs in our dream list. Best to get a water cooler along with your CPU if you wish to hit top clock speeds.

Before starting with the actual performance review lets quickly go through the specifications of amd fx 6300 FX Still, as a budget alternative, the FX is a very capable CPU offering decent multi-threaded performance, even at stock speed for amd fx 6300 in productivity-related tasks and improved gaming performance too.

With PassMark, it is immediately evident that single core performance of the FX is poor.

AMD FX | TechRadar

You will need a massive cooler and quality mobo to amd fx 6300 to that sort of overclock, but it shows how competitive the Piledriver chip can be made. With that sort 63000 raw processing power from a cheaper chip you could then drop the money amd fx 6300 saving going for an AMD platform and plough that cash into a superior graphics card.

Easy to overclock using multipliers.

PassmarkCPU rating of and Cinebench-6, GeekBench bit Data courtesy Primate Labs. Completely unlocked, you can use as many multipliers as you wish. With multi-core scores, when running at 4.


Loads of motherboards still support this architecture and work well with it too. What we are interested in is whether this processor is a bottleneck with high-performance amd fx 6300 or if it can amd fx 6300 well across the board.

Steamroller should squeeze more into each Bulldozer module to allow each core to function much more like a traditional CPU core, and fs seriously beef up the single-threaded performance of the next generation processors. Comments Showing 11 comments.

Specifications Full list of technical specs. For gamers, be careful when thinking of the FX On a scale of pure bang for your buck, the FX is hard to beat.

AMD FX-6300 Six-Core

Fuk this Sh1t Amd fx 6300 the other straight CPU performance tests in Cinebench it shows amd fx 6300 very slight advantage, though the improvements in single-threaded performance aren’t as pronounced as with the FX What AMD has done is tighten up the code a little, offering a quicker approach to processing. Are you paying a premium for performance?

Integrated GPU performance for graphics. The limitations of this processor are only visible in the most demanding environments.

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