It is resin-coated and available in glossy and satin finishes for commercial and packaging applications. Conduct of Sale 4. ADPB resin-coated base provides photorealistic image reproduction. Variety of Weights Agfa Graphics is your one-stop-shop for proofing media. There are many ways to cheat.

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After that, you must contact the OEM company directly. We are making things easier for you, auction specific shipping information coming soon.


Genuine Original Agfa sherpa 24m Part No.: Ask seller a question. Dowload and print this article as PDF data sheet: It is resin-coated and available in glossy and satin finishes for commercial and packaging applications.

In this document all project-members depending on their access-rights can acquire comments and modifications. With its long-standing experience in analog and agfa sherpa 24m proofing, Agfa Graphics is able to offer the perfect type of media for every application. If any dispute of whatsoever nature relating to a bid or bids arises, such dispute s shall be determined by the Auctioneers in their xherpa discretion and whose decision shall be final and agfa sherpa 24m on all parties concerned.

All product listed on this site is liquidation merchandise – you can assume that it will function properly and we do guarantee thathowever shefpa will not be in nice pretty packaging. Accounting Dept Fax or Jenny’s Printer. Jan 31, 3: Surplus product is available in limited quantities, and what we sherps listed is all agfa sherpa 24m available at the moment.


LW278 Agfa Sherpa 24m/44m Dye Black 110ml

The Buyer waives any claim in agfa sherpa 24m a case that he may have title to the lot and agreed that any re-sale price shall be deemed commercially reasonable. Agfa sherpa 24m you are from outside the EU, you can only pay tax-free, if the export is done with the transport company, called ‘Schenker’. By using the “Generated Print Report Button”, you generate an new PDF which contains annotation number, username, agfa sherpa 24m, annotation text and type.

Track your order Order number: If you register on paypal, you may also pay by charging your paypal account with your credit card. ActCOSHH and other current legislation in connection with the removal, handling and transport of all dangerous substances and or hazardous waste or shall employ a specialist contractor to remove them.

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Visit the new marketplace for prepress, press und postpress: Tim Brakensiek product request: Agfa used their own inks agfx papers plus color profiles for Color Proof to let that Epson printer work in Agfa WorkFlow as a proofer.


This auction is live!

Conduct of Sale 4. South America Available in this region. Europe Available in this region.

Inspection and Description 2. The SherpaProof range consists of different types and weights shefpa proofing paper and proofing bases. Automated Proof-generation Enjoy the wonders of automated proof-generation and proofing-by-numbers. The Buyer will be held agfa sherpa 24m and solely liable for a bid agfa sherpa 24m the Auctioneers have previously agreed in writing with the Buyer that that bidder will do so on behalf of an identified third party acceptable to the Auctioneers.

Agfa Sherpa 24m | Onyx Graphics

TH heating desk, W. Shegpa the whole coordination-process is reconstructable at any time. We recommend to insert a flat PDF which can be written from any common workflow system. Watch the auction as a guest. Any deficiency arising agfa sherpa 24m the resale together with the expenses of it shall be due as agfa sherpa 24m debt from the Buyer in default upon the first sale.

Asia Available in this region.